About Jey – PGA Instructor, Professional Golf Lessons in San Diego

My career in the golf industry started in 1996.  I have been teaching golf for over 17 years. I teach all ages, genders, and skill levels.

I spent my younger years playing all different sports; baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and of course golf. I didn’t just play them as a child, I played all of them into my teen years and early adulthood at a high level of competition. My experiences in participating in all these sports allowed me to really understand the movements and motions of the body to achieve consistent and reliable results in a person’s golf swing.  For most of us, golf is a sport picked up later in life and most of us have played other sports before golf. I use your past experiences in other sports as a foundation for your golf swing. I use the motions that are natural to you and use them as examples on how you can relate them to your golf swing.

Teaching Philosophy

We all have a desired ball flight that we strive for.  This cannot be achieved without proper “ball contact”. I understand that not everyone will swing the same way, but everyone should make the same proper contact when striking the golf ball.  If you don’t achieve proper contact, then direction and distance doesn’t mean much. I will help you understand your own personal ball flight as well as teach you how to organize and simplify your thoughts before, during, and after your swing. Of course, we won’t forget your short game, bunker play, putting, and mental game. I will teach you helpful methods and techniques to bring your scores to the next level.​

Let me help you with your journey to a better golf game.


  • Jacque Jones Sr. Ex-MLB baseball player and current Assistant Hitting Coach for the Washington Nationals


  • PGA-Certified Instructor
  • Director of Instruction at the Hodges Golf Improvement Center in Escondido
  • Owner/Operator of Junior Sticks Golf Academy